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Businesses, large or small: adopt Independent Paris Commitments!

Last week's bombshell announcement that the United States will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, served as a wake-up call for many American citizens, corporations, cities and states across the nation looking to see rational progress on this matter. Some large corporations have already pledged their commitment to meet similar targets to those the Federal government just scrapped (to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such that by 2025 emissions are 26-28% below the 2005 baseline). Others have taken on more stringent science-based goals. And yet, the majority of businesses are left in the dark, lacking the infrastructure, expertise and funds to put together comprehensive analysis and plans that would allow them to identify opportunities and pledge to meet long-term commitments.

In an effort to support and meet this new challenge, we at ECO-OS, an online solution for business sustainability programs, has decided this morning to provide small and medium American businesses with a focused, heavily discounted solution that will help businesses take on independent Paris commitments and science-based goals. The user-friendly internet platform, requiring only a web-browser with no need for prior expertise or training, enables companies to build a multi-year track record, calculate their past and present greenhouse gas performance and set targets fit for the future across a range of activity areas. While we initially intended this service for American businesses, abandoned by their Federal government - the offer stands for all businesses worldwide, interested in taking on independent Paris commitments.

For years the green movement has lived in somewhat of an oxymoron: while new green business models and clean technology innovations have emerged predominantly from the smaller, more agile and disruptive companies, the credit and focus in the corporate sustainability arena has been going to the giants. If you look through social media and the blogosphere - you'd be led to believe that sustainability is for the Fortune 500 alone. But all this is about to change: environmental excellence is as much an opportunity for SMEs, mid-tier manufacturers, suppliers and service providers as it is for the big guys.

To gain access, contact the ECO-OS support team:


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