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Environmental accounting is a dynamic and complex field, computing the impacts of our purchases, activities and products. The necessary metrics and methodologies are dependent on rapidly evolving  information that is actively updated on the ECO-OS platform. These metrics serve a range of calculations, balance sheets, financial analyses and ecological footprints. 


The behind the scenes activity allows ECO-OS users to easily calculate their impacts, such as carbon and water footprints, using a broad range of methodology all adapted to their needs.


As ECO-OS has identified this trend earlier on, we have enabled

companies to measure their positive impacts with a set of easy-to-use applications that also help reduce their environmental footprint with these new, innovative solutions.

Intuitive interface requiring no professional expertise: Just add the data - ECO-OS does the rest.

Conduct specific calculations using required methodologies, fully integrated with regulatory and voluntary disclosures.

Automatically use best fit, location specific data, such as grid emission factors and water quality data and transportation characteristics.

Embedded impacts of material supplies, fuels, packaging, freight, travel and waste streams are fully integrated, enabling immediate assessment of value chain impacts.


Auditing naturally follows significant internal processes. It commonly requires continuous communication between the auditors and auditees with additional exchange of documents and justifications.

The ECO-OS solution for auditing and certification enables a streamlined process that provides insights and opportunities, while saving valuable time.

References, notes, and insights are all digitally interlinked to the specific data during the data collection stage.

Trends and comparisons to existing data, and benchmarks are continuously available at the auditors and certifying parties disposal.

Auditing guidelines and certification standard documents are embedded in the platform as customized instructions and help sections.

Scores and summary reports are generated with the click of a button on the ECO-OS platform, enabling site visits to be summarized and discussed in the same day.

Discover how you can create comprehensive ESG value by deploying your certification process with ECO-OS.

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