About Us

We believe ESG values create business value, enabling the rapid transition towards a circular economy.

Our team shares a single mission - to arm ESG professionals with the highest-value digital tools that will aid this transformation

To achieve this, we’re gathering top talent and experience - a team that transcends multiple disciplines, including information science and technology, product development, ESG management and business strategy.


CEO & co-founder

Noam is a pioneer of sustainability management and cleantech innovation. After serving on the early teams of several nonprofits, Noam took on key roles in Assif-Strategies, Elysium Carbon, Enstorage, 

Panoramic Power, Transalgae and DouxMatok. Noam earned his PhD at UC Berkeley & a BSc.Agri from the Hebrew University.


VP Customer Success & co-founder

Arbel is an environmental consulting pioneer having led the team that prepared Israel’s first GRI and CDP reports.


VP Product & co-founder

Tal is an experienced software executive. He joins ECO-OS from ClickSoftware where he led the product team


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