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Sustainability: The next frontier of business competition

The history of the automation of business operations is a story of “survival of the fittest” whereby corporations continuously seek to cut costs, identify opportunities and gain insight into market trends. Modern businesses have built their competitive advantages on having access to better data and actionable insights readily available for decision makers. The next frontier in this fierce competition is already brewing. Due to the increasing impact of resource scarcity, climatic uncertainty and social unrest, the ability to make sustainability metrics valuable for business decision making processes, will determine success.

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Starting in the 1960’s, information technology has allowed companies to gain increasingly accurate views of their organization.

Enterprise software has unlocked companies' potential by leveraging diverse components of their business to build strategy. Sustainability data is the next frontier in this race to gain a competitive advantage. So why has sustainability data not been well integrated into ERP systems?

So far, the sustainability community has not produced metrics that matter to corporate decision makers. The focus has been on transparency for communication purposes, and granular environmental details relating to compliance, rather than business-oriented metrics that can guide corporate strategy.

Business-oriented sustainability metrics should answer the questions:

How does my performance compare with competitors’? Am I missing significant trends?

What are the vulnerabilities of my operations and supply chain?

How can I get the biggest and deepest bang-for-my-buck through my sustainability program? ​

​At ecoOS, an online sustainability intelligence service, we’re focusing on insights and impacts that matter to corporate decision makers. While using cutting-edge information technology, our clients gain the age-old advantages they have relied on in meeting market demand and competition: reliable data, clear insight and relevant recommendations for their core business operations.

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