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Sustainability Project Management made easy, with

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Successful corporate sustainability projects and protocols need comprehensive, high-quality information. They also need clear action plans that involve many stakeholders with varying degrees of maturity in this space. It’s a lot to ask and it’s a lot to manage.

To tackle this challenge, we built the first Corporate Sustainability Operating System (OS) in partnership with This Corporate Sustainability OS empowers organizations to easily manage all their ESG project initiatives by:

  • Creating a single-point-of-reference for all sustainability projects

  • Assembling and calculating your carbon footprint

  • Building and tracking your decarbonization roadmap and carbon strategy

  • Incident reporting & risk management

Manage your Sustainability projects on

Create your entire eco-system in a single platform​ with a collection of boards & dashboards for every protocol. for Climate

  • Corporate carbon footprint (Scope 1 & 2)

  • Value chain carbon footprint (Scope 3)

  • Climate risk management

  • Corporate decarbonization roadmap for Eco-Management

  • EHS Incident management

  • Regulatory disclosures (TRI, PRTR, Clean Air)

  • Eco-management & audit scheme (EMAS)

  • Solutions for SMEs & municipalities for Circular Economy

  • Material & Waste balance sheets

  • Circularity KPIs

  • Water management for ESG

  • Internal ESG dashboards

  • Public ESG disclosures

  • Sustainability-linked finance

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Enjoy the best of both worlds

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Calculations and considerations done automatically, compliant with international standards and protocols


Have your ECO-OS sustainability accounting platform sync with, forming a single point-of-truth for all sustainability-related tasks.

Streamlined ESG data collection and management

a Work-OS for global operations

Run every aspect of ESG data management efficiently, collaboratively across your entire global operations.

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Seamlessly integrate all of your existing tools


Google Calendar

Manage your time more efficiently and stay up-to-date with all important deadlines.


Microsoft Teams

Embed boards within your MS Teams chats to enhance workflow capabilities.



Easily import and export any Excel sheet into a board with just a few clicks.



Share information, updates and files in Slack #channels from directly inside

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