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Sustainability Frameworks

Pre-existing sustainability frameworks, developed by the ECO-OS professional services team enable rapid deployment of various regulatory and voluntary disclosure programs, seamlessly engaging your users in the various necessary tasks necessary for successful reporting and management.

Voluntary Disclosures

Regulatory Compliance

Annual ESG reports

✔ Air emissions and effluent release permitting 

✔ SDG and materiality analyses

✔ Toxic materials permitting

✔ Carbon, energy and water footprints 

✔ Pollution release and transfer reporting 

✔ Industry-wide surveys 

✔ Disclosure of waste transfer and treatment

✔ Investor and client questionnaires 


Looking for an additional framework?

Contact us or explore a partnership to build your custom-built app.

Key Features

User roles

Thresholds and alerts

Built-in BI

Flexible features for data assembly

Audit-ready by design

User-friendly calculations and conversions

Specialized computations


Stay up to date

More results with less efforts

Adaptive workflow

Collect sustainability data eco-os
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