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ECO-OS and EWS Announce Partnership to 'Digitize'  Water Stewardship (Press Release)

Water management is often taken for granted and treated as no more than a low operational expense. But the pressures are mounting and action on water stewardship is imminently necessary - one that creates a new level of resilience to our water challenges and yet is adaptable by the majority of businesses worldwide.

It is with this vision in mind, that the European Water Stewardship (EWS) initiative joined forces with ECO-OS, an online operating system for corporate sustainability management to develop a digital platform for the data management and audit processes behind the EWS Standard.

The EWS addresses everyday challenges of water users in and outside Europe, developing a water stewardship standard that is rapidly gaining recognition and use by corporations both large and small, across a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and agriculture.

The benefits are many: EWS and its partners can now offer increasingly sophisticated water analyses and services while at the same time keeping the service affordable and scalable.

‘Now, the water stewardship network of expert practitioners and auditors under the umbrella of the EWS can greatly ease the burden of data collection, aggregation and reporting, while also offering scalable multi-site solutions that extend the insights provided by the Standard, with additional analytical tools, including internal and external benchmarking, supply chain assessments, location-based stress tests and near real time corporate-level monitoring’ explains Noam Gressel, CEO of ECO-OS.

‘Raising the bar on water stewardship is necessary for forward-looking businesses, as we awaken to the vulnerability of our production facilities and supply chains’, says EWS Director Tom Vereijken. ‘Indeed, water stewardship is being re-framed strategically as a necessary component for building business cases, promoting resilience and a circular economy. Joining forces to digitize the European Water Stewardship Standard is our first step in enabling the efforts of businesses and governments worldwide’.

More information:

European Water Stewardship: ECO-OS:

Tom Vereijken, Director Noam Gressel, CEO

+31 653 827 110 +1 956 524 3407


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