Manufacturing and Supply 

Demand for ESG information is rapidly increasing: Regulatory disclosures are continuously expanding, while brands and retailers are also have begun vetting the sustainability performance of their supply chains following growth in public awareness. In recent years investors have also followed suit, expecting clear metrics and far greater transparency.

Measure your performance using globally accepted methodologies and metrics or generate your own metrics with the assistance of our professional service team to best suit your needs.

Easily respond to regulatory disclosure requirements, internal management tasks, client and investor inquiries with a broad range of built-in applications

✔ Regulatory reporting on emissions to air, land, and water 

✔ Sustainability and ESG disclosures 

ISO 14001 and EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) 

✔ Carbon footprint and climate declarations 

✔ Pollution Release and Transfer Reporting (PRTR)

✔ Sustainability audits and certification standards

Share and Demonstrate Your Sustainability Performance

Generate attractive,  pre-defined data-rich reports effortlessly, at the click of a button to boost sustainability management and stakeholder engagement.

Ready, Set, Goal! 

The experienced ECO-OS professional services team will walk you through a tried and tested implementation plan. We take care of the essentials to get you going: from historic data uploads to onboarding and practical training of your team members, near and far.

You make sure your team has internet connectivity and ECO-OS will walk them through the rest.


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